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Payment Options

We consider our gift cards to be the most heavily discounted out of the entire second hand gift card market. In order to achieve the highest discounts we had to eliminate the fees imposed by banks with credit cards. Therefore we only accept two forms of payments, E - Check and cryptocurrency payments.

Electronic check

Use your bank account to pay for your discounted gift cards. Please make sure you go through the bank account verification steps before making your first purchase. It usually takes 24 hours for our charge to appear on your account. It’ll look like you wrote a check to us!  

Crypto Currencies

It cost us about 3% + 30c a transaction in order to accept credit cards. It costs us less then 3c to accept crypto currencies. We pass these savings directly to you. We currently accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (our favorite) and lite coin.

Where can I buy crypto?

We have listed some of the easiest ways to purchase cryptocurrency here.