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CardBazaar FAQs.

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1. No credits cards or paypal? What gives?

Unfortunately, the fees for gift card marketplaces for credit card processing are extremely high. If done correctly and legally, fees are around the 5% - 7% range. Really. It’s ridiculous. We thought we’d offer a bit more inconvenient ways to pay for gift cards, but give the savings to our customers.

2. How are your discounts so high?

Read point 1.

3. What is crypto currency? How and why should I use it? Where do I buy it?

Crypto currency like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash are digital assets that share very similar characteristics to gold. Except you can’t physically hold them in your hands. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, some googling may be required. We prefer cryptocurrency because there is no fees to process it. It’s EXTREMELY fast and we believe it’s the future of payments online. If you pay for gift cards on our site with cryptocurrency, you’ll see an additional 3% - 5% in savings. We recommend Coinbase for people who purchase a small amount of cryptocurrency. For bulk gift card buyers, we recommend Kraken. Our guide of how to set up a Coinbase account, can be viewed here. We promise once it’s set up, it’s truly a breeze to use.

4. If I send you crypto currency, what happens if the price fluctuates?

As soon as there is 1 confirmation on the blockchain, your Card Bazaar balance will be credited with the exact same price regardless of what happens to the price of the crypto currency at a future date. Example: You send 1BTC valued at $6000 at 3:01PM and there is 1 confirmation on the blockchain (transaction is confirmed by the network), your Card Bazaar balance is credited $6000. If at 4:34PM 1 BTC is valued at $1200… nothing happens to your Card Bazaar balance.

5. What is E-check?

E-check allows you to make deposits with your banks account and routing number. You first have to go a verification process (for us to make sure it’s actually your account) and then you can deposit funds into your account to make purchases. It’s a bit on the slower side, with deposits taking 1 - 2 business days to clear.

6. What’s with the spend policies?

You can read about our spend policy and why it exists here.

7. If I deposit ACH or cryptocurrency and decide I don’t want gift cards, can I get my balance refunded?

We are not a wallet service. We do not have the ability (and legally not allowed) to refund bank accounts or reissue cryptocurrency. Please only deposit funds that you plan on purchasing gift cards with. If you don’t know how many gift cards you plan on using and have never use discounted gift cards before, start with 1 card. Work your way up so you get comfortable with our system. Only deposit what you’re willing to spend on discounted retail gift cards.

8. How do I sell gift cards to Card Bazaar?

Click sell gift cards on the top left of the home page and follow the directions. Load your gift card information and wait. If we decide to place your gift card on our marketplace, we’ll email you with a confirmation. Once your gift card is sold and spent, we’ll send you an ACH to the bank account you provided about ~7 business days afterwards. We currently only support the following gift cards: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and the Apple Store. If you have other gift cards you’d like to sell, contact us.

9. Why should I trust this service? How do I know this is legitimate?

You shouldn’t. Which is why you should do your own research online about second hand gift card marketplaces. Type our name into youtube and checkout some reviews from other customers using our service. There’s a ton of reviews there. Also read about our competitors and then you’ll realize why we’re better :) . You can also read some reviews here. Please note, trustpilot sends emails to every single person who makes a purchase with us.

10. Is my personal information safe?

First and foremost, we are a software company. We employee some of the brightest software engineers to make sure our customers data is stored securely. We are PCI compliant even though we don’t handle credit cards. All banking information is not stored on our servers but rather with massive third party financial companies. All cryptocurrency payments are handled by BitGo.

11. You asked for my ID. Why?

Firstly, we only ask ID if we feel it’s absolutely necessary to protect your user account or if we’re required by law. We’re really big on privacy and don’t take your personal data for granted. The following are reasons why we’ll ask you for ID.

  • You’re using a VPN or proxy phone number to sign up and pay/deposit with E-check.
    Note: you can use VPN and pay with cryptocurrency normally.
  • We have reasons to suspect your account has been compromised by someone else.
  • Your bank account information and your account information don’t match.
  • You’re trying to purchase more than $2000 in gift cards per day.
12. I do not live in the United States, can I use Card Bazaar?

Absolutely! We support a great international community.

13. How long does it take to receive a gift card?

Once your order is paid for, gift cards are delivered in under 5 minutes. If they aren't please contact support. 

14. When is a gift card considered "spent"?

A gift card is considered spent when there is $0 balance left on the card when you go to balance check it. 

15. I want to add Apple Store Gift Cards to my Apple Wallet, can I do that?

Yes! When you purchase Apple Store Gift cards from us, you’ll see a “Add to Wallet” (see below) button that you can simply press to add Apple Store Gift Cards to your Apple Wallet. iOS devices only.