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Refund Policy

From the date of purchase in the appropriate spending tier, we cover:
    •    Cards that are not active
    •    Cards with an inaccurate balance
    •    Cards delivered as a different brand than ordered
    •    Physical cards not received within 30 days from the date of purchase

We do not cover:
    •    Requests received outside of spending policy tiers.
    •    Buyer’s remorse or change of mind
    •    Misinterpretation of card delivery method or timing of delivery
    •    Misinterpretation of how a particular card is redeemed
    •    Neglecting to apply a promotional code before a purchase
    •    Cards lost or misplaced by the buyer
    •    Cards merged onto external merchant apps or accounts against CardBazaar Terms of Use
    •    Cards that are resold on any platform other than CardBazaar
    •    Cards that are cancelled by retailers when used against retailers terms of service.
    •    Cards that are no longer honored when a retailer goes out of business or files for bankruptcy


The refund policy covers the purchase price of the card, not any savings or discount the buyer received. If a portion of the card was redeemed, only a partial refund will be provided.

All refunds will be returned as balances into their respected categories. Please see "My Balance".